I'm a Master of Human Computer Interaction and Design (MHCID) graduate from UC Irvine. I am passionate about understanding users deep motivations and designing solutions that meet their actual needs. At the same time, my background in construction management helps me to understand that business needs drive an organization. Design thinking is and essential part of my process, at the same time I'm focussed on a practical product that will deliver value. I believe Human Centered Design is based on answering 3 questions:
Research: Why do people ___?

Product Design: What can we do about it?

Interaction Design: How should we do that? 

Personally I enjoy traveling with my wife and two kids, craft beer, rye whiskey, a good Twitch stream, and staying local.



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The essence of research is to understand 'why?' why do people use your product, a competing product, or any product in the space? This phase starts, assuming little to no knowledge of the user's intrinsic motivations and ends with a working set of design guidelines to inform your Product Design.

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Once we understand the human motivation in an area, we can start to explore what we should do about it. This phase starts with the question, 'how might we?' and ends with a clear product vision to inform your Interaction Design.




Interaction Design is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we design the actual experiences that our users will encounter. This phase starts with a product vision and ends with an interactive prototype that your development team can build based off of.